e_man on Jan 05, 2013
Rex has a tat of his wife and the Jets. Omg what a scumbag. Not. If that was any other number than 6 and 15, this is a non-issue. #dumbmedia
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e_man About 3 years ago
#jets #nfl
jonb2182 About 3 years ago
I normally agree with you. Not this time. With all the nonsense that has gone on with this team, as the head coach you do not add more fuel to this circus like fire. Rex's style has gotten old and we need to head in a new direction. The new gm should pick the coach, draft A few o linemen and at least head in the right direction. How do you explain this nonsense to your team?
jonb2182 About 3 years ago
fireflymike About 3 years ago
@jonb2182 You are 100% right. He is leading the circus atmosphere the last 4 years & now the record shows the results. No successful HC has ever been the "star" of his own team.
pr1mex About 3 years ago
Oh come on he's had that for few years its his love. He's an emotional guy the media turned it into a big deal. This has no affect on the team. Other than a sensitive, schizophrenic fan base that wants to shit at every instance of adversity. I'm with Eric this is a non story. Only reason ppl are upset is because the jersey has a 6 on it. The guy Rex drafted to be his franchise player. His first draft pick in head coaching career guy has an attachment. He probably regrets it after THIS season but that's life. People should get over this. @jonb2182