e_man on Dec 04, 2012
Chrebet's tweet about Sanchez #jets
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vespo77 About 3 years ago
Sanchez sucks hairy asshole i sware i love GANG GREEN ALWAYS REPP GANG GREEN THEY HAVE MY HEART but for the time being i have converted to a BEARS FAN !!
lordmandrake About 3 years ago
@vinny___espoo33 REAL fans don't convert- ever. Under any circumstance. You're either with the Jets, or you're not.
heatherjk26 About 3 years ago
I'm literally gonna cry!
l3elladonna About 3 years ago
Bandwagon fans... Smh. Glad they're jumping off though :)
stephyb79 About 3 years ago
Exactly don't need any bandwagon fans! How are you going to say I'm gang green they have my heart then say I'm a bears fan???Bahahaha... #jetsnation does not need "fans" like u. True fans stick with their team even through bad seasons. Hope they all get off the bandwagon. #6 #jets