Woody Johnson attends first Jets Practice, Speaks about Issues

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While the media was talking to Woody Johsnon, there was another scuffle in practice. Rex RIPPED into them.

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New York Jets’ Owner Wife, Suzanne Johnson, Enters the Twittersphere

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Suzanne Johnson, wife of New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, has entered the Twittersphere. Her twitter account is @SuzJohnsonNYJ.

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Former Players’ Wife Says Jets “Leak Lies to Make Fans Happy”

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Check out this interesting conversation with the wife of a former Jets player. She says the Jets are Liars and that Tanny has the fans wrapped around his finger.

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Woody wants the Jets on Hard Knocks, Rex puts his foot down

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Woody Johnson wants the New York Jets on HBO's Hard Knocks as the coach Rex Ryan says NO. As a blogger, I'm disappointed. As a fan, I'm ecstatic.

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Woody Johnson won’t rule out the Jets appearing on HBO’s “Hard Knocks”

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Woody Johnson is helping open up the new NFL Pop-up Shop today and some Jets media got to speak with the Jets owner. One subject that came up was if the Jets were open to the idea of appearing on HBO's Hard Knocks, the reality series that follows the team during training camp.

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Picture: Woody Greets Fans at #JetsCamp

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Woody talking to fans at Jets Camp.

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Picture: Woody Johnson Watching His Troops at #JetsCamp

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Woody Johnson at Jets Camp viewing the Troops on August 3, 2011

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Let’s Hug it Out

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              Great photo of @woodyjohnson4 greeting @mark_Sanchez in lobby this morning. #jets...

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