Jets Players Tweet on the Bus Down to Philly

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Nick Mangold is bored and talking to MANY fans. Mo Wilkerson is showing his communication skills between teammates from different buses, and Tim Tebow is, well, praying.

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I feel McElroy is the Better Option if Sanchez Goes Down

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Rex Ryan was asked about a scenario this morning if Mark Sanchez suffered an injury who would be the #2 to go right in and fill his shoes. Tim Tebow is the answer, but I truly believe it should be Greg McElroy (IF he had the Reps).

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Nike unveils Tim Tebow Alpha Talon Elite cleats

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Nike unveiled a cleat specially designed for Tim Tebow. Although he did not wear the cleats on the field against the Panthers on Sunday and so far there is no word on who will actually be wearing them besides Tebow.

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Pictures: Boomer and Carton Broadcasting Live from Florham Park Today

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The Boomer and Carton show was at the Jets facilities all day today, and they started off interviewing many of the Jets coaches, players and top brass. Here are some of the tweets and pictures from today's sessions.

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Fireman Ed Weighs in on Tebow, Sanchez, and Preseason so Far

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Fireman Ed was on Twitter last night weighing in on the Giants game. He also had some thoughts on Tim Tebow after watching SNY's JetNation.

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ESPN’s SLOBBERING Love-fest with the New York Jets

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ESPN has a love affair with Tim Tebow and the New York Jets. As a Jets fan, I should be really happy about all this coverage, but I'm going to tell you, I would IF the coverage was about football.

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Tim Tebow GQ Magazine Article Causes Stir on Talk Radio

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Tim Tebow is on the cover of GQ Magazine for the September issue. You can no longer call Mark Sanchez the GQ QB. They both are, but there is a buzz about the article.

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Chad Pennington at Jets Camp working with Sanchez and Tebow

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The Jets got a visit from an old friend to hang out with their two quarterbacks. Chad Pennington was at Jets camp today.

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