Former Jets’ QB Drew Willy Calling the Jets the Titanic?

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Never be afraid to try, remember... Amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.

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Scotty Thanks People for “Kind Words” on Twitter

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I don't think the ONE catch, despite it being a TD, will make Scotty McKnight make the team even though he was drafted. The Jets won't waive him in my opinion, but he will ride the practice squad for maybe the entire season.

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Video: Scotty McKnight TD from Drew Willy

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Scotty McKnight makes his first NFL Catch which is a TD from Drew Willy's first pass as a pro.

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Logan Payne Dislocated Wrist, 5th WR Slot Heats Up

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The #5 WR Slot is up for grabs. Who's going to take it?

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Scotty McKnight and Other Rookies Bowling Friday Night

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Scotty McKnight is champion of the bowling alley.

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Pictures: Hayden Panettiere Visits Boyfriend at Jets Camp

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Scotty McKnight, you lucky B*st*rd!

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Scotty McKnight Trying to “Help the Team”

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Scotty McKnight talks to fans about Camp.

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What is the State of the Jets Receivers? My Take (@e_man)

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Erik takes a look at the wide receiver position and gives his opinion on what the Jets should do or NOT do for the 2011 season.

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