Holmes Tweets Sanchez, are the two friends again?

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Are you buying it? Is Santonio really happy for Mark Sanchez or is this Santonio continuing to do his damage control so all involved can put this behind them.

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Santonio Holmes heading to Africa for Charity

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Santonio Holmes heading to Africa for his annual charity trip to help the poor. Good for you Santonio.

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Mark Sanchez LIVES and sends a Valentines tweet to his sweetie NOT Kate Upton

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Mark Sanchez who has been M.I.A. since the season ended tweeted for one of the first time and it was a tweet to his love, sort of.

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Holmes set to receive 7.5 million and remain with team, my thoughts about #10

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Today is the day that Santonio Holmes will most likely remain a New York Jet. Holmes is set to receive 7.5 million today. Here are my feelings about it.

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Santonio tweets to Sanchez, where I think he went wrong

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Santonio's tweet started off ok, then his next one shows he's all about himself... again.

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NY Jets fans address locker room issues, Sanchez, Holmes

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The New York Jets late season collapse and surprising locker room issues have put the team in the headlines almost on a daily basis. ...

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West Coast / East Coast Beef pulled the Jets locker room apart

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How bad was the locker room? Well LT, on ShowTime, spilled his guts further and it was pretty ugly.

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Holmes tweets his opinion on new Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano

Posted by on Jan 16, 2012 in Main, Player Tweets, Twitter Conversations | 1 comment

A Jets fan tweeted Santonio Holmes asking him what he thought of Tony Sparano coming into the Jets organization as the new offensive coordinator replacing Brian Schottenheimer

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