Jets Plaxico Burress to Appear on HBO’s Real Sports

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Plaxico Burees will be interviewed on Real Sports with Bryant Gumble. It will first air on Aug. 16 from 10-11 pm ET on HBO.

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Plaxico and Mark have Miscommunication Already?

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Miscommunication in the future for Mark Sanchez and Plaxico Burress? Hardly, but read this fun twitter conversation of where to go for dinner, who should pay, and how you should travel.

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Video: Plaxico Burress is a FREAK of Nature Says ESPN’s Sports Science

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Plax is a FREAK of Nature! Watch ESPN's Sports Science on the WR.

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Plaxico Congratulates Steve Smith On Twitter

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plaxico Congrats to my man Steve Smith! Get healthy, do your thing!

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Plax Shout’s out the Fans who Bought #17

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Big shout out to everyone who got a Burress #17 jersey already. Cant wait to put on a show at the New Meadowlands. Boy is it gonna be sweet! 8/10/11 10:49 AM

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Plaxico Wants to Meet the Guy with the Hat

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plaxico: What's the guy's name with the fire hat that gets the Jet chant going?I gotta meet this guy. I love his passion! Really Plax, you never heard of him? LOL.

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Plaxico Tweeks Ankle Might Miss 1-2 Days

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Plaxico is yet to see the field and it might be 1-2 more days. Rex in his presser, said that Plax tweaked his angle working out independently.

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What is the State of the Jets Receivers? My Take (@e_man)

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Erik takes a look at the wide receiver position and gives his opinion on what the Jets should do or NOT do for the 2011 season.

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