What I think…. Jets Quick Hits 5/23

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Here are some random quick hits for May 23rd with my quick thoughts on each topic: Hit 1: No Love For Plax Hit 2: Tebowing in Madden 13' Hit 3: Is FB John Connor's Job in Jeopardy?

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Plaxico Burress is Plaxico Burress

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Plaxico Burress gave some bitter sound bites about the Jets yesterday at the Super Bowl.

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All Work, No Days Off for Plax

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Quick Tweet: plaxico: Thanking God for life this morning. Got my pilates done at 7am. Kiss my family, headed for a workout, "All work, No Days Off" @Wale

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Plax Gets Two Personal Days Off, Are you Ok with This?

Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 in News, Opinion | 5 comments

The New York Jets were back to practice getting ready to try and save the season for the game this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills at Metlife Stadium. All were back in this short week looking to improve and get better EXCEPT for Plaxico Burress.

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Forbes Poll Has Burress on the Most Disliked Players List

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Burress is the 2nd most disliked player in the NFL.

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Plax is Loving Life

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Thank God for another beautiful day! Kissed my wife, kissed my daughter, gave my son a pound. Chai tea latte, blueberry scone. Loving life!

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Plaxico Burress Helps Pack 100K Meals to Combat Hunger in Africa

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Great job by @plaxico with @hhafonline - helping to pack 100,000 meals 2 combat hunger in Africa! http://t.co/cvZcRXHs

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Did We Make the Right Choice: Wide Receivers Week One

Posted by on Sep 13, 2011 in Main, Statistics | 6 comments

All throughout the season, we will be doing a comparison of Plaxico Burress vs. Braylon Edwards and Derrick Mason vs. Jerricho Cotchery to see did we make the right decision with letting solid players go.

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