@NickMangold is Home and on a Tweeting Fest

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Nick Mangold is in New Jersey while the rest of the New York Jets are getting ready for the game against the Oakland Raiders and the big guy is bummed. He hasn't been that active on twitter since the 2011 season started and it took an ankle injury to get Nick to go back to his off-season tweeting ways.

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Mangold is Out for the Raiders, Will Hold Funeral For 82

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Nick Mangold can't argue with his body which is telling him to sit home and watch the Jets play in Oakland in Sunday. The 82 refers to his consecutive start streak since the first day he strapped up his Gang Green for the New York Jets.

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Mangold’s 82 in Jeopardy

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Nick Mangold has started every game since being drafted in the first round in 2006 — a streak of 82 regular-season games. But that won’t be the determining factor if he doesn't play this Sunday. The goal should be long term health and the Jets are leaning towards keeping him out of the line up. As much as I hate to see the streak go, I agree.

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Mark Sanchez Talks about Playing without Nick Mangold

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Here is a video of the Mark Sanchez interview at his locker from yesterday after practice. Mark answers reporters questions on the Oakland Raiders, their defense, Mangold and the first west coast trip.

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Nick Mangold on Ankle “It’s Pretty Numb”

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Nick Mangold injured his ankle in the New York Jets route of the Jacksonville Jaguars. How serious is the injury? Well we won't know how long the Center may be out, but if you are like me, it scares the HELL out of you. In an already depleted offensive line, Rob Turner would have backed up Nick and would have done a great job but he's out with his own injury. Thanks Vlad.

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Madden 12 Commercial with Sanchez, Keller, Tomlinson, and Mangold

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Commercial of Mangold, Sanchez, Tomlinson, and Keller for PS3 Madden 12.

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The Stars and Stripes Cleats Worn by Nick Mangold for 9-11

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For the game, Nick Mangold will be wearing these cleats for the 9-11 game Sunday Night. I'm not sure if all the Jets players will be wearing these or just a select few. The Jets players will be wearing these on these uniforms as well. This game is going to be AWESOME!

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Video: Nick Mangold Is Glad He’s on New York’s Team

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Nick Mangold talks about the emotions of 9/11 and how the atmosphere will be for the game Sunday night. It's funny to hear that most of the Jets, 10 years ago, were seniors in High School. Man I feel old.

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