What I think…. about the New York Jets for June 15, 2012

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What I think…. about the New York Jets for June 15, 2012: Hit 1: Men in Black Hit 2: Old Habits die hard Hit 3: I didn't know Mangold had a kid

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Nick Mangold Answers Lolo Jones Question about Tim Tebow with a T-Shirt

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The most popular T-shirt on twitter? Nick Manold's LOLO shirt of course. Well at least for Jets nation. Think we have enough pictures of it?

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Nick Mangold the Matchmaker Targets Lolo Jones and Tim Tebow

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Nick Mangold put out a tweet where he thinks that Tim Tebow and Lolo Jones are a "match made in heaven". See what else he had to say on twitter and NFL Total Access.

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Nick Mangold Travels to Games in TGI Friday’s Manager Suits?

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Former New York Jets players, Eric Barton (LB) and Leon Washington (RB) were reminiscing about the attire that current Jets' Center Nick Mangold and former WR Brad Smith used to wear when all of them were teammates together traveling to games.

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Eat Your Veggies Mark Sanchez

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A big thank you to @jimmyfallon for the side of broccoli. I'm pretty sure @Mark_Sanchez loves it http://t.co/RWywlI4G

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Mangold Tweets Congrats about Mark Sanchez’s Extention

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One of Mark Sanchez's biggest supporters on the team, Nick Mangold, tweeted he was glad to be getting free dinners.

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Nick Mangold Tweets about his Sister Making the Olympic Team

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Nick Mangold's sister Holly has made the U.S. Olympic team. The center for the Jets put it out on a tweet Monday morning.

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Giants fan runs into Nick Mangold, asks for picture and gets rejected

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A Giants fan tweeted that Nick Mangold was classless for not taking a picture. The full twitter conversation between the two here!

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