Look Alike Mangold Tricks People into Believing He’s Nick

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Imposter tells people he's Nick Magnold at bars and takes pictures with them.

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Nick Mangold and Metallica chat it up about “The Frayed Ends of Sanity”!!

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Some Jets players, fans on my timeline, and some of my relatives were into the world cup this year, and here are some of my opinions on my experience.

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Nick Mangold has the Photo Bomb of the Year

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Don't make Nick Mangold angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry, or at least looks like that. This probably has to be the Photo bomb of the year.

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Nick Mangold Predicts Super Bowl XLVIII on the JRSportBrief

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If you like yourself some Nick Mangold, then you need to see this video with my JR from @JRSportbrief.

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Pictures: Kate Upton In a Vogue Photoshoot with Jets Players

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Surfing the web, I stumbled upon an image of Kate Upton with Nick Mangold. Upon further review, this was a picture from a photo shoot she did with multiple new york football players.

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Nick Mangold Replaces Max Unger in the Pro Bowl

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With the Seahawks going to the Super Bowl in New Jersey, Nick Mangold will take over the first alternate Max Unger for his 5th appearance.

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Nick Mangold has to be the most relaxed Jet on the Team

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Nick Mangold is probably the most chill Jets player on the team. Check out some of his quotes.

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Pro Football Focus Ranks 3 Jets Players as Elite; Sanchez Ranks “Poor”

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Pro Football Focus has put out a phenomenal chart and article about ranking the "Elite" players on the New York Jets roster.

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