Jim Leonhard shops for himself at the Gap….. Gap KIDS.

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Jim Leonhard apparently has a small frickin head.

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Jim Leonhard Wants a New Contract and Updates his health on Twitter

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Jets Jim Leonhard updates his health on twitter and tweets his desire for a new contract. Will the Jets bring him back?

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Jim Leonhard has a gripe with the media

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Jim Leonhard voiced his opinion on twitter about how the media will ask a question and depending on how the player answers he thinks that they are damned if they do or don't on what they say. Jim said this during media day at the super bowl.

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Jim Leonhard answers Aaron Maybin’s tweet by saying the Jets are going to make a run

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During the playoffs over the weekend Jim Leonhard was tweeting about his school's alumni, University of Wisconsin, JJ Watt and Lee Evens.

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Jim Leonhard gets vocal on twitter during the playoffs

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Jim Leonhard was tweeting during the Saturday games and voiced his opinion on the Patriots, Tebow, and the future of his career.

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Jim Leonhard asks Damien Woody why he hasn’t been around the Jets facility on twitter

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Jim was chatting with Damien about the season. See what they had to say.

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Is Jim Leonhard in Hot Water with Jets fans for Calling them Out?

Posted by on Nov 30, 2011 in News | 2 comments

Jim Leonhard left no secret that he wasn’t happy with boos directed at Mark Sanchez before the Jets’ 28-24 win over the Bills on Sunday

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Jimmy and the Jets Tees by @JimLeonhard

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Jim Leonhard is making the t-shirts he had his summer camp available off of his website. Support the player and pick-up a T.

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