Jets Players on Hand to Support Pettine’s Bone Marrow Cause

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Mike Pettine served as a co-host for the "Match for Michael" event held last night in Eatontown, which raised funds for the Manganiello family and the National Marrow Donor Program.

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Fireman Ed wants this for ALL Jets fans

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FiremanEd42 Lombardi Trophy is all I want for ALL #JETS fans,the other so called perks I would trade in for a super bowl victory!...

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Tebow Tweets and Fireman Ed and Jets Twit have a misunderstanding

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Tim Tebow put out a tweet to Fireman Ed which led to a big misunderstanding between Ed and myself (Jets Twit). See what it was about and how we cleared it up.

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Fireman Ed tweets he never wavered on Sanchez thinks Tebow is a good player and great person

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Fireman Ed doesn't make twitter appearances often but when he does, it usually is because of a big move, game or news from the Jets. Ed weighs in on Tebow and Sanchez. Oh and he things Joe Willie made a deal with the devil also.

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Fireman Ed calls Holmes a chump; pleads with Rex to cut him on twitter

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Fireman Ed is a fired up guy, but check out his tweets about Santonio Holmes. One of the Jets biggest fans went OFF on the wide receiver and I agree!

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No Matter What, Always Love your Jets

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FiremanEd42: Merry Christmas to all! Still love those #jets and always will! Stay strong in the time of adversity it shows your heart GOJETS!

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Jets Fans Going to the Game, Are you Bring the “A”?

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Jets Players, Fireman Ed and fans know the importance of this game and have pleading with the fans going to the game to be loud and to bring their "A" game Sunday night when the New York Jets take on the New England Patriots for their second match up of the season.

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@FiremanEd42 Wants you Loud and Proud

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#jet fans this is HOME game we have been waiting 4!We have been on road 4 all big games seems like 4 ever SHOW UP BE LOUD OUR TIME!Let's Go!

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