The Jets will be the End of the Road for Brandon Marshall

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Brandon Marshall was up late last night answering fans' questions.

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Erik on MMQB Top 100 of 2015 with Peter King

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I made my debut on Sports Illustrated on one of the most popular NFL sites in the world, Monday Morning Quarterback with Peter King.

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Erik on Talking about Tailgaiting

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Erik on Talking about Tailgaiting.

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Video: Dina’s Party Jets’ Cameo

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Video of Erik and his Dad from on Dina's Party that aired on HGTV on September 1, 2012.

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Tebow Tweets and Fireman Ed and Jets Twit have a misunderstanding

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Tim Tebow put out a tweet to Fireman Ed which led to a big misunderstanding between Ed and myself (Jets Twit). See what it was about and how we cleared it up.

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Manassy Quoted in’s ‘The Shutdown Corner’ About OCNN & Ochocinco

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I was quoted on's blog, The Shutdown Corner, today in the story "Chad Ochocinco still wants to make and break the news" plugging my company Manassy Media, written by @kristianrdyer .

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Manassy Quoted in New York Times about Bleeding Green

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I appeared in the New York Times on 12-23-2011 before the Giants / Jets do battle talking about how I bleed green and what I think of the New Stadium.

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Erik Manassy from Jets Twit Appears in Metro New York about The L7 Tailgate

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Thanks to Kristian R. Dyer @KristianRDyer for coming out to the L7 tailgate to meet with me and other members of the L7 group. Kristian wrote a great article that brilliantly captures the magic of our tailgate and how it was born from social media, specifically twitter.

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