Jets Kellen Winslow Tweets about Dustin Keller Injury

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Former tight end Dustin Keller suffered a possible career ending injury in the Dolphin's preseason game Saturday night. As a Jets fan, I wish Dustin to a speedy recovery.

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Dustin Keller Calls Jets fans Cheering Sanchez’s Injury Ridiculous

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Dustin Keller made his way to Twitter yesterday to call out the people in the stands who were cheering when Mark Sanchez was down and hurt in last nights' debacle.

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Holmes and Sanchez Training together in FL

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Holmes invited Sanchez and Jets teammates to ESPN Wide World of Sports. Dustin Keller, Patrick Turner there, too. #nyj

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Dustin Keller, Jets start contract talk

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According to Rich Cimini, the Jets have held preliminary contract discussions with Dustin Keller.

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Dustin, What are you Tweeting??

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I think Dustin hit his head.

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Dustin Keller Finds out the Hard Way that He Can’t Fly

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Dustin Keller thought he was a bird during the Buffalo Bills game. He decided to leap over two grown man.

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Gotham City Jets?

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DUSTINKELLER81: New York City really looks like Gotham City with the building in the clouds this morning..crazy!

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Happy Birthday Dustin Keller @DustinKeller81

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Happy Birthday to Dustin Keller.

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