Our Worst Nightmare has come True! REVIS and the Pats!

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Revis is a Patriot.

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Why this Jets Fan Watched “Darrelle Revis, A Football Life”

Posted by on Sep 18, 2013 in Main, Opinion | 4 comments

The NFL Network aired "Darrelle Revis, A Football Life" Tuesday night and I knew I had to tune into to see what Revis specifically went through while he was a New York Jet on his way from recovering from his ACL injury.

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Coples might not be Playing, But He’s On A Mission

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Welcome to the 2013 New York Jets season! It is officially week one and a player I wish was going to be on the turf is still nursing his injury, second year player Quinton Coples.

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Twitter Pictures: Revis, a Championship Ring, and a long Line to meet a Great

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Twitter pictures for May 21st about what else, JETS!

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Revis Tells Richard Sherman on Twitter ‘Sit Down Young Pup & Wait Your Turn!”

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Twitter Fight! Seattle Seahawks corner back Richard Sherman thinks his NFL body of work of two years is way better than what Darrelle Revis has ever been.

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Is Revis Taking the Business Side of the NFL Too Personally?

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Darrelle Revis was interview by Andrea Kremer yesterday on the NFL Network during NFL Total Access where he takes shots at the Jets brass in reaction to rumors of him being traded.

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My Thoughts on Trading Darrelle Revis

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The thought of Darrelle Revis on the trading block has many Jets fans nauseous. How could the Jets possibly trade their best player away? Here are my thoughts.

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Revis Tweets he is Speechless about Trade Rumors

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Revis went to twitter to let fans know how he feels. One word: Speechless.

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