Jets Tweets Heading to Buffalo

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Jets players don't tweet as much as they used to, but here are a few. I'm glad Braylon is back.

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What I think…. Giants fans are ok?; Jim Kelly Speaks; Jets on TV

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Here are some random quick hits for June 29th with my quick thoughts on each topic: Hit 1: Why Can't All Giants Fans be Like this Guy? Hit 2: Bill's Jim Kelly speaks about Tebow and Sanchez Hit 3: The Jets get Mentioned a LOT on shows, don't they?

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Stevie Johnson Shows His True Colors Mocking Jets Plaxico

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Classless. Stevie Johnson making fun of Plaxico Burress during his TD celebration was despicable.

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@Santonio10 Eats Buffalo Wings on and Off the Field

Posted by on Nov 7, 2011 in Quick Tweets | 5 comments

What happen to the WhiteOut in Buffalo today? Oh snap the #NYJETS showed up in all green!

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Plax is Loving Life

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Thank God for another beautiful day! Kissed my wife, kissed my daughter, gave my son a pound. Chai tea latte, blueberry scone. Loving life!

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Sanchez Gives Maybin Buffalo Bills’ Game Ball

Posted by on Nov 7, 2011 in News, Player Tweets | 1 comment

Aaron Maybin received his first game ball from Mark Sanchez.

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Dustin Keller Finds out the Hard Way that He Can’t Fly

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Dustin Keller thought he was a bird during the Buffalo Bills game. He decided to leap over two grown man.

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My Bet with the #BillsMafia and @JayChary

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My bet with a member of the #billsmafia

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