Antonio Cromartie Deletes His Twitter Account

Posted by on May 9, 2012 in Main, Player Tweets | 0 comments

Outspoken CB on Twitter, Antonio Cromartie, has left the Twitter medium. Last night with his final tweet, Cro announced that he was taking down his page and to have fun, and just like that pooof, he was gone.

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Jets Players Attend the Mayweather-Cotto Fight

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Tweets during the Canel0-Mosley fight confirmed that QB Mark Sanchez was at the fight. Anotinio Cromartie was also as the fight, but we found out via tweets from the player himself and his wife, pictures and all.

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Cromartie “It felt great today”; What is It?

Posted by on Apr 9, 2012 in Quick Tweets, Twitter Pictures | 6 comments

Antonio Cromartie tweeted this picture with the caption "Man it felt great today". I must have looked at this picture for a good couple of minutes trying to define "IT". If you figure out the IT in this picture, please let me know.

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Antonio Cromartie backtracks and tweets support for Tim Tebow

Posted by on Mar 22, 2012 in Player Tweets, Quick Tweets | 1 comment

The most outspoken Jet on Twitter, Antonio Cromartie, is at it again with the Tebow talk, this time backtracking from a tweet a couple of days ago.

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Cromartie tweets again About Tebow and the faith in the current locker room

Posted by on Mar 21, 2012 in Player Tweets, Quick Tweets, Twitter Pictures | 0 comments

With the possibility of Tebow mania making it's way into New York, Cromartie made the television shows and is on the front covers of papers' this morning because of yesterday's tweet. Today he posted about that tweet.

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Jets Cromartie likes to wear mulitiple hats, at least on twitter

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Antonio Cromartie likes to wear many hats, at least on twitter. The CB was filling in for many duties that are currently held in the organization.

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Cro wants you to cool your Jets with Reggie Nelson

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You have got to love Cromartie telling Jets fans to have patience with the decision Reggie Nelson makes on whether to accept the Jet's offer.

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Cromartie to anyone who opposes Mark Sanchez: ‘Suck on a Lemon’

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Recently, he put this tweet out about anyone who oposed Mark Sanchez or thinks he's not a great quarterback. Boom. What say you haters?

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