My September 11th Recollection

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When thinking about 9-11 many people will never forget where they were and what they were doing when the greatest attack on American soil occurred. I was in Pennsylvania on that day and my recollection is told here.

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Good morning! To all the families who lost love ones today on 9/11/01.God bless all of you!Gone but NEVER Forgotten!

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Photo Gallery of the September 11th Apparel for Sunday’s Game

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The NFL backed off their stance that they were going to fine players for wearing anything but the assigned uniforms on Sunday. Many teams and players will be wearing specially made cleats, pins, and gloves to commemorate the events of September 9-11. Nick Mangold and Jeremy Kerley's gear has been tweeted, but check out some other gear from all around the NFL below in the gallery.

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Bart Scott Doesn’t Want you Tweeting at the Stadium

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Bart Scott: "We have to challenge the people that’s in the stadium now to get off their iPads and tweets and represent the stadium and get loud and make it a home-field advantage for us."

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Picture: Jeremy Kerley’s FDNY Game Day Sneakers

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Gameday sneaks!! #respect for 9/11

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The Stars and Stripes Cleats Worn by Nick Mangold for 9-11

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For the game, Nick Mangold will be wearing these cleats for the 9-11 game Sunday Night. I'm not sure if all the Jets players will be wearing these or just a select few. The Jets players will be wearing these on these uniforms as well. This game is going to be AWESOME!

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September 11th is More than Just a Football Game

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There is a ton of hype, emotions, and story lines heading into the game on Sunday Night vs. the Dallas Cowboys to be hosted by the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium, but none greater than the 10th anniversary of 9-11.

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Mark Sanchez and Hugo Boss Donate to Profit Families of 9/11

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NY Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez and fashion house Hugo Boss, made a generous donation to Tuesday's Children...a non-profit organization that helps families of 9/11.

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