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Today’s Jets Twit Directory Links April 6, 2013

Today’s Jets Twit Directory Links April 6, 2013
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  • Could Tebow Trade Be Possible
    Many of the Jets faithful wondered why Jets general manager John Idzik is holding on to quarterback Tim Tebow.  It is unclear if Tebow is really in competition to be the starting quarterback, even though Idzik has said he is, but reports have stated the Jets are looking to trade the quarterback. According to The [...]
  • Draft rewind: A look back at the 141st pick
    The Jets own seven selections in the upcoming draft. Here’s a look back at the recent history with each slot, focusing on the fifth round:

    The Picks:

    Round 1 — 9th overall

    Round 2 — 39th overall

    Round 3 — 72nd overall

    Round 4 — 106th overall

    Round 5 — 141st overall

    Round 6 — 178th overall

    Round 7 — 215th overall

    The last three drafts, the 141st pick:

    2012: Adam Gettis, G, Redskins (Iowa)

    2011: D.J. Williams, TE, Packers (Arkansas)

    2010: Joshua Moore, DB, Bears (Kansas State)

    Analysis: The most recent selections at 141 don’t inspire a lot of confidence, as all three are fringe players.

  • Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Roster Rankings Edition
    The Turn On The Jets 12 pack is back and ranking the current talent on the New York Jets roster

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