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Today’s Jets Twit Directory Links October 1, 2012

Today’s Jets Twit Directory Links October 1, 2012
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  • Woody prefers political win over Jets W
    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Jets owner Woody Johnson would rather win the presidential election than see his football team have a winning season.

    “I think you always have to put country first,” Johnson said Monday while discussing the Mitt Romney campaign on Bloomberg TV.

    Johnson is one of the chief fundraisers for the Romney campaign. During the interview, he was asked about the Jets’ dreadful performance Sunday against the 49ers. Johnson blasted his team and also admitted the pressure is mounting on QB Mark Sanchez.

  • Jets Replay: Marcus Camby
    Knicks Center Happy for His Homecoming
  • 10/1 Rex: "I’m Confident We’ll Come Back"
    Head Coach Rex Ryan believes that the team will respond after Sunday’s loss to the 49ers.
  • Sanchez Breakdown: Jumping Ship?
    Rob Celletti breaks down Mark Sanchez’s performance on Sunday…you could imagine how this went
  • Jets Replay: Kyle Wilson
    CB takes over on the outside
  • Jets Replay: Randy Lange
    Editor-in-Chief goes inside the numbers of Jets, 49ers
  • My Thoughts on the Jets Quarterback
    Let’s address the elephant in the room: The Quarterback position. No other position has been put under scrutiny starting from the first minute of training camp to now the awful performance put out…

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  • Report card: Close to a Blutarsky
  • Stock Watch: Risers and fallers
    A day-after look at the Jets’ third-largest shutout loss at home in team history:


    1. Tim Tebow. Hey, he completed a pass and threw a couple of nice blocks as a fullback in pass protection. He certainly maximized his seven plays on offense.

    2. Chaz Schilens. He was targeted three times and, miraculously, he and Mark Sanchez connected on all three for 45 yards. Schilens will be playing a lot more now that Santonio Holmes is injured.

    3. Dustin Keller.

  • Playing time: Big day for Powell
    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — A breakdown of Sunday’s snap counts on offense (53 total snaps):


    Mark Sanchez — 50

    Tim Tebow — 7 (3 at QB, 4 at FB)


    Bilal Powell — 32

    Shonn Greene — 18

    John Conner — 8


    Jeff Cumberland — 40

    Konrad Reuland — 15

    Jason Smith — 9

    Dedrick Epps — 4


    Chaz Schilens — 49

    Santonio Holmes — 36

    Jeremy Kerley — 30

    Clyde Gates — 13

    Analysis: You know the world is upside down when Schilens, Cumberland and Powell are the playing-time leaders at their respective positions.

  • Santonio Holmes Tweets about Injury
    The Jets have suffered possibly their second biggest loss in two weeks. Santonio Holmes had to be carted off the field after falling down and fumbling the ball in a non-contact play.

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  • The 49er’s came to play and so did their Fans!
    If you were at the game yesterday, what you saw on the field probably pissed you off as much as what you saw in the stands. In the sea of red, Jets fans had to endure taunting, Niner chants and…

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  • Jets Sign CB Aaron Berry For 2 Years
    After putting Joe McKnight at corner, the Jets decided to go ahead and sign a guy who actually played the position in the NFL.  Today they signed Aaron Berry to a two year contract, after giving him a tryout on Friday.  He had served a 3 game suspension for a couple of arrests during the [...]
  • No Huddle – New York Jets Debacle Edition
    TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets debacle yesterday
  • Analysis of Berry signing: Low risk
    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Desperate for cornerback help in the wake of Darrelle Revis’ knee injury, the Jets agreed to terms Monday with former Lions CB Aaron Berry.

    The Jets, no doubt, will get ripped for this move because of Berry’s off-the-field issues. Cue the circus music, right?

    He was released July 23 by the Lions after getting arrested twice in the span of a month. He was accused of pointing a gun at three people in a Harrisburg, Pa., parking lot and he was arrested for DUI.

  • Rex is pissed? What about the Fans?
    Where do the Jets go from here? The obvious answer is up, right? Have we hit rock bottom yet? Do we need to make a change at QB? Rex was as pissed as I have seen him after a game.

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  • Sanchez continues to be horrible!
    The Jets have no current play makers and given the success of Tanny and Rex’s recent drafts where they waste multiple draft picks get players that don’t make the team, I’m not holding my breath on them getting any real soon.
  • 49ers Shutout Jets, 34-0
    It isn’t frequently that an NFL team gets shut out, but the Jets pulled it off this week, losing 34-0 to the San Francisco 49ers. The Jets defense wasn’t great – they didn’t do well stopping the run – but the defense was helpless to counterbalance the completely inept offense. When the offense wasn’t going [...]
  • Notes: 49ers QB takes a mercy slide
    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The 49ers could’ve made it a 41-0 blowout, but backup QB Colin Kaepernick executed a mercy slide at the two-minute warning, hitting the deck at the Jets’ 3-yard line after a 30-yard run.

    If anyone had him on their Fantasy team (hard to imagine many did), they’d be ticked off.

    Afterward, Kaepernick said his decision had nothing to do with good sportsmanship.

    “That’s one less kickoff we have to cover,” he said after the Niners’ 34-0 win at MetLife Stadium.

  • Tebow: Perfect as a passer
    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — After four weeks of anticipation, Tim Tebow finally got a chance to throw a pass. And it was a 9-yard completion to tight end Dedrick Epps, who promptly fumbled it to the 49ers after getting drilled by Dashon Goldson.

    So if you’re scoring at home, Tebow is 1-for-1 with a 104.2 passer rating.

    Actually, it was a great call by Tony Sparano. On a third-and-1 from the Jets’ 39, Tebow threw one of his patented jump passes (see: Florida Gators) to a wide-open Epps.

  • Kyle Wilson not tested much in loss
    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Kyle Wilson is going to have to wait another week to truly get tested.

    The third-year corner made his first start in place of Darrelle Revis and didn’t find himself under duress, as the 49ers chose to rely more on the run game their 34-0 victory over the Jets on Sunday.

    “I thought I did a good job of understanding what they were doing on offense when they were taking shots,” Wilson said. “My overall technique, I got my hands on the wideouts throughout the time.

  • Jets Suffer Disastrous Blowout To 49ers: 34 – 0
    The New York Jets were blown-out by the San Francisco 49ers 34 – 0 today at Metlife Stadium, but  perhaps decimated would be a better description, as wide receiver Santonio Holmes leaving the game due to an ugly left foot injury. The 49ers outplayed the Jets in every facet of the game, and despite being [...]
  • Jets’ defense can’t stop the run
    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The Jets knew what was coming.

    Play after play, the 49ers ran the ball, daring the Jets to stop them, to offer resistance.

    But the Jets couldn’t do it.

    Frank Gore
    #21 RBSan Francisco 49ers
    2012 STATS


    The Jets allowed 245 rushing yards in Sunday’s 34-0 loss, the most they’ve ever allowed under Rex Ryan. The 49ers averaged 5.6 yards per carry and garnered 16 first downs on their 44 rushing attempts in the game.

  • Initial Reaction – As Bad As It Gets, Awful Jets Fall To 2-2
    The New York Jets embarrassed themselves in a 34-0 loss
  • 49ers give Jets taste of their own medicine
    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The Jets finally saw a read-option offense work well and garner big plays.

    It just happened to be the other team doing it.

    While the Jets have gotten headlines for their Wildcat package with Tim Tebow, the 49ers’ version of the read-option with backup QB Colin Kaepernick led the team to a touchdown and another big first down in Sunday’s 34-0 win. Kaepernick finished with five rushes for 50 yards and also threw an incomplete pass.

  • New York Jets Report Card: Week 4
    New York Jets Report Card: Week 4 San Francisco 49ers @ New York Jets Quarterbacks: G Sanchez: 13/29, 103 yards, 1 INT, 1 fumble Tebow: 1/1, 9 yards That’s not a typo. True, I don’t have official clearance from the powers-that-be at Jet Nation to issue such non-existent grades. But I’ve always been a renegade. [...]

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