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Today’s Jets Twit Directory Links July 19, 2012

Today’s Jets Twit Directory Links July 19, 2012
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  • The disappearing head coach
    Blink, and you’ll miss him.

    Rex Ryan, speaking to reporters Thursday during a media blitz in New York, announced that he has dropped 106 pounds since having lap-band surgery in 2010.

    Ryan, a paid spokesman for lap-band surgery, is down to 242 pounds. He’s actually lighter than QB Tim Tebow, whose prescribed weight for the season is 250.

    Good for Ryan. It’s an ultra-stressful job, head coach in the NFL, and being healthy never is a bad thing.

  • Tim Tebow to be used in the Red Zone?
    A report from Rich Cimini today stated that Team Insiders say the plan is to use Tim Tebow in the Redzone. Not sure if that means every time they make the red zone they pull Mark Sanchez out of the…

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  • Hall of Fame Tour: Part 1
    Just weeks before Curtis Martin’s HOF Induction, we go behind the scenes in Canton.
  • Interview With Former New York Jets Scout Connie Carberg, Part 2
    TJ Rosenthal sits down with former New York Jets scout Connie Carberg to discuss the current roster
  • Camp preview: Quarterback
    Breaking down the Jets, position by position, as they head into training camp:

    Position: Quarterback

    Projected starter: Mark Sanchez

    Projected reserves: Tim Tebow, Greg McElroy

    New faces: Tebow

    Going, going, gone: Mark Brunell

    Player to watch: Tebow will be one of the most closely watched players in the NFL. Why? Because he’s Tim Tebow. Another reason is because of his role: What is he? The Jets say he’s the No. 2 quarterback and will be used in the Wildcat package.

  • Jim Leonhard Is Not Walking Through That Door
    According to reports from ESPN the Jets won’t be re-signing Jim Leonhard. The so-called signal caller of the Jets D will still be looking to play in 2012 but it might be not for the Jets though there could still be a chance the team will bring him back if there are injuries. “Hopefully, in [...]
  • Report: Jets Will Not Re-Sign Leonhard
    According to a report from ESPN New York,  the Jets have opted not to re-sign veteran free agent safety Jim Leonhard. The report cites “league sources” and also adds that Leonhard could return if there is an injury at the safety position. Leonhard is currently recovering from knee surgery and coming off of his second season with [...]
  • Brick Writes Books?
    So what kind of books would an offensive lineman write about? Well D’Brickashaw Ferguson writes children books and tweeted about his book signing.

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  • Holmes whines about media coverage
    Now I know how Wayne Hunter felt in the huddle that fateful day in Miami: I’ve got Santonio Holmes coming after me. Well, not me alone, but rather the entire New York media.

    Holmes, in an interview this week on an podcast, blamed the media for causing the Jets’ locker-room unrest last season. The controversial wide receiver also said the media should be positive and support the team. Obviously, he has no clue how this works.

    Earth to Planet Tone: We’re not cheerleaders, we report the news.

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