Who is it Going to Be: Vick, McCown, Schaub, Sanchez?

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Michael Vick. Josh McCown. Mark Sanchez. Matt Schaub. The names that are heating up surrounding the backup QB position for the New York Jets.

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Jets Tweets from Cro, the Boss and Walker

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It's opening weekend for the Jets and I have been browsing twitter as I always do... Here are some tweets that caught my attention with some of my thoughts.

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Twitter Photos: Quinn Can Get a “CUT”

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The Jets released QB Brady Quinn. The reason? They want to avoid paying him the guaranteed minimum veteran salary. Rumor on the street is the Jets will pick him back up Monday.

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Cro: “I Love this Game”

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A_Cromartie31: 1st game of the year. I'm so excited. There's nothing like gameday and getting prepared to play. I love this Game. #Football_Life.

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Kellen Winslow Tweets Support for Jets Signing Braylon Edwards

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One player New York Jets fans would love to have on the roster is former 2 time Jet Braylon Edwards.

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Twitter Fight! SNY’s Kris Jenkins calls Ed a D*ck and a Fan an Idiot

Posted by on Nov 11, 2012 in Main, Opinion, Player Tweets, Quick Tweets | 1 comment

Former Jet and current SNY analyst Kris Jenkins and current super fan Fireman Ed got into a little tussle tonight.

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Fireman Ed says Jets Players not Helping Sanchez out

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Fireman Ed tweets that the Jets players do not help out Mark Sanchez enough. Santonio Holmes is still in Ed's mind. He's worried if he can put the team first.

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Revis Peeved as he Addresses the Media about “Getting Ready for the Season”

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Here is some interesting audio that Bart Hubbish from the New York Post just tweeted out about Darrelle Revis.  They were asking Revis to...

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