L7 Tailgate Stream

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If you can't make the game but would like to follow along of the activity from 7am to 1pm game time, keep looking here to this page.

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Erik Manassy from Jets Twit Appears in Metro New York about The L7 Tailgate

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Thanks to Kristian R. Dyer @KristianRDyer for coming out to the L7 tailgate to meet with me and other members of the L7 group. Kristian wrote a great article that brilliantly captures the magic of our tailgate and how it was born from social media, specifically twitter.

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Woody Johnson, Marvin Jones Visit the L7 Tailgate for the Patriots Game

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The L7 Tailgate received visitors such as Jets' Owner Woody Johnson, Former Jets LB Marvin Jones and many more.

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The L7 Crew ‘Charged’ Up After the Jets Win Over San Diego

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On a beautiful crisp autumn morning, the L7 crew once again gathered around the pole on the north part of the parking lot in the L Section of MetLife Stadium to get ready for when the New York Jets took on the San Diego Chargers.

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Another Epic Tailgate at L7 for the MNF Jets/Dolphins Game

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The New York Jets walk away with a much needed victory Monday Night against the much hated rivals Miami Dolphins by crushing the down and out franchise to make them 0-5 for the season. As usual, the crew from L7 was pumped and elated to have great weather for a Monday Night Tailgate.

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Was there an Egg Fight at The L7 Tailgate for the Jaguars Game?

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The New York Jets had a nice and easy win against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday and it was another epic tailgate at the infamous L7 Tailgate. It has been a very long time that there was a nice sunny 1pm game for the Jets, and I can't remember waking up at 5am for a Jets tailgate.

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Video: Good Times at the @L7Tailgate for the Dallas Cowboys Game

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Thanks to one and all who came out and contributed yesterday to L7. We had an amazing time! Record setting attendance! Special thanks to @Double_O_Six for supplying us with the L7 Never Forget 9/11/01-9/11/11 wristband bracelets! #Jets

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The #L7 Tailgate Has an Official Flag

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Looking for a place to tailgate this year, L7 and look for this flag!!

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