Can the Jets Have Two Leaders at the Same Position? Sanchez and Tebow?

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Is it possible to have more than one leader at the QB position, even if you are not the starter? My answer.

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Rex: I think Quinton and Muhammad both cause production

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It is a lot harder to rush a passer from a 3-4 end,” Ryan said. “Some guys cause production. I think Quinton and Muhammad both cause production.

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Coples: “I thing I’m going to do great for the Jets”

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Coples: "I thing I'm going to do great for the Jets"

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Brad Smith Talks about Facing Jets for the First Time

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Brad Smith, a popular player for the New York Jets for 5 years, will be facing his old team for the first time. He was asked how it would be seeing some of his best friends across the field.

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Rex Ryan: “I think we can Make Plays Down the Field on People”

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Rex Ryan was recently on the Michael Kay show, and when asked about opening the offense for Mark Sanchez, Rex said that he loves the Ground and Pound but he'll go to the air depending on what the D is showing them. Let's just hope that is true.

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Rex Ryan Quote on Shaun Ellis Jetting to the Pats

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"The fact that he chose them, like I said before, there's no way I'm going to wish him well. There's no chance of that. I wish him to be healthy, but I don't want him to play that well."

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Quote: Mark Sanchez “It Starts with Me”

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"Just one goal - one goal each year for everyone in the building, ... From the cooks in the cafeteria to the strength staff and the training staff, it's all of us. And it starts with me."

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