Quotes: The Jets Quarterback Competition

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Quotes on the QB competition from Rex, Marty and Mark.

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Jets Players Used to Defend Mark from Mr. Anonymous, Where are they now?

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Where are Mark's teammates and why aren't they defending him against Mr. Anonymous now? Is the statement that they want to "move on" true?

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Not a Big Deal Says Geno Smith

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New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith announced after Wednesday's organized team activities practice he has hired Jay-Z's newly formed Roc Nation Sports as his representation.

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Cro said Playoffs are a Go

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Antonio Cromartie is a confident guy. The New York Jets are typically confident, but it seems like they lost something in that department, that is, until this week. Cromartie said the Jets will make the playoffs this year.

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Bryan Thomas was PISSED OFF after getting Cut

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Upon returning back with the Jets after being cut before the Dolphins game, Bryan Thomas had this to say about the brief ordeal.

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Jets’ Laron Landry: ‘We can be as Great as we Want to Be’

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Wednesday he was asked about the defense in comparison to the Steelers squad and here are some of his quotes.

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Rex on Tebow Chants: “I don’t Care What I Hear”

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Rex Ryan said Thursday he’ll have his starting quarterback on a long leash — no matter how much noise is made for Tim Tebow.

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Jets’ QB Coach Matt Cavanaugh Weighs in on Mark Sanchez

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New York Jets Quarterback coach Matt Cavanaugh was interviewed by Manish Mehta over the weekend, and he gave his thoughts on the starter Mark Sanchez.

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