The Goodson Decision May be a Drawn out Process

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Woody Johnson has given a sound bite regarding the due diligence the team is doing on Mike Goodson in the wake of his Friday morning...

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Rewind: My favorite posts from 2012

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The end of the 2012 season is almost at an end (THANK GOD) and I like to go back and "flip" through the archives of this blog Jets Twit. Here are some of the more interesting articles I have written.

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The Jets Cut Aaron Maybin

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The Jets cut LB Aaron Maybin today. Though I'm not surprised, I feel bad for the guy. I really wanted it to work out.

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Tebowing Trademarked; Can you Still Tebow?

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The famous Jets player has trademarked "Tebowing". There are sites dedicated to this term, t-shirts, instagrams, just about anything with Tebowing attached to it, and the Tebow has decided to do something about it, that is, control it.

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Revis Cleared for Practice, Status for Miami still Unclear

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Good news Jets fans, it looks as there is a good possibility that Darrelle Revis will play against the Miami Dolphins this Sunday after being out since week 1 with a concussion.

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The Steel Curtain Falls

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It looked like the Jets were going to continue where they left off from week 1 against the Buffalo Bills when they took their first possession down field for what looked like an easy touchdown when Sanchez hit Holmes for six. Then the Steelers made adjustments and that was the end of that optimism.

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Revis Needs to Miss the Pittsburgh Game to Clear the Fog

Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Main, News, Opinion | 1 comment

It is Friday and Darrelle Revis is STILL NOT cleared for contact after suffering a concussion against the Bills in week 1. Revis admits that it felt like he was in a "fog" all week.

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Stephen Hill is the REAL DEAL

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How excited are you about the play of rookie WR Stephen Hill? A lot of people were starting to worry about his catching ability as well as the entire offense in pre-season.

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