My Thoughts on the Quarterback Standoff between Fitzpatrick and the Jets

My Thoughts on the Quarterback Standoff between Fitzpatrick and the Jets

On Friday, the partial contract offered to Ryan Fitzpatrick was leaked to the NY Post and more details came out this afternoon about year two and three.

  • It is my opinion that the Jets “leaked” it to take pressure off themselves and put it on Fitz and his agent Jimmy Sexton. Prior to the latest offer, word has been the Jets have been low balling Fitz with an 8 Million a year contract.
  • With only year one being leaked on Friday, it first painted the picture that the Jets were being fair and that Fitz is being completely unreasonable, especially for a journey man who only recently put up his career numbers after being in the league for eleven years and six teams.
  • Now that we know that Ryan is being offered $6 MIL for year two and another six for year three, I think the Jets are now more than fair with the offer if true. One has to wonder now why the Fitz camp has a beef with this contract? Apparently it has been on their table for 4 months.
Fitz Magic
  • I personally feel that 12 Million guaranteed is MORE than fair for a player with Fitz’ history with incentives to make another 12 over two years after. No other team is knocking on the door to sign Fitzpatrick so the Jets need him as much as Ryan needs the Jets.
  • Someone asked me if I would support Geno as the starter this season if the deal doesn’t get done. Do I want Geno as the starter? Well he’s not my first choice. I feel that Fitzpatrick gives us the best run to make the playoffs and build upon our season NOW. I will support Geno and will never boo him IF he happens to be the starter in 2016.
  • Let me be clear:  I HOPE GENO IS NOT THE STARTER.
  • I also feel Petty nor Hackenberg will not be the starters this year. They are not ready and if the Jets are smart, they will let them learn under a Vet (preferably Fitz).
  • I do believe Fitz will be the starter for the Jets this year, but it’s going to have to be his camp that comes down on their demands. One thing is clear that is that Ryan Fitzpatrick has NO LEVERAGE. Fair or not, he’s going to have to be the one that lowers his demands if he wants to be officially back on an NFL roster.

Do you feel that he deserves to be paid like a top QB in the league due to his career year and the fact that he set franchise records or do you feel the Jets a great offer?

  • Nixluva

    I like Fitz but I’m fine with Geno next season! People are making too much of Fitz and how much better than Geno he actually is. I think Geno would be just fine instead of Fitz. He’s maturing and already has more talent than Fitz. Geno is now fully versed in the offense and I think he’s ready to take on the job.

    • Erik Manassy

      All good points BUT, Fitz is proven and Geno is a mystery. We really don’t know if he is improved until we see a meaningful game this year. I’ve seen two years of his work and I’m not convinced. I would support him if he’s the starter, but I don’t want that to happen. If the Jets felt that way as well, Fitz would have been long forgotten. They KNOW he’s the best shot we have and not Geno.