This Jets fan UNLOADS on OBJ and Big Blue

This Jets fan UNLOADS on OBJ and Big Blue

I recently wrote a post of how the New York Jets torture their fans with a slow death by some of the things they do, but today I’m going to talk about how I witnessed probably the most disgraceful display by an NFL player ever in yesterday’s Giants Panthers game.

Odell Beckham Jr. made Randy Moss, Terrell Owens and Chad Ocho Cinco look like child’s play with his temper tantrums and head hunting on the field.

OBJ the New Holmes in NY?

Hey Jets fans, remember when we used to have a villain at wide receiver?  For how much I thought, tweeted and blogged on how much of a cancer former Jets WR Santonio Holmes was in his tenure, I was being kind when I said Odell Beckham’s behavior on Sunday’s game against the Panthers was similar to what Holmes used to do on the field.

I take it back.  Giants fans were saying, NO WAY is OBJ as bad as Holmes.  I’ll stop you right there.  You are right, he is SO MUCH WORSE!  And by the way, YES, I know OBJ has more talent in his pinky then Holmes did in his entire body.  I’m not comparing ability.

It’s Nice NOT to be on the Back Pages

It seems the circus tent has changed colors from green and white to blue.  Rex Ryan and his antics always made the headlines with over the top story lines, but this morning editions were probably the harshest I have seen in a while for the beloved “big brother” New York Giants.  Giant Jerk.  Ouch.

Odell Beckham flat out embarrassed himself, his team and the NFL.   I was glad to see that most Giants fans and NFL Personalities condemning the man.  Some Giants fans told me there is no pattern and this is a one time thing.  Well boy was it a performance then.  I guess he had to get a couple seasons worth of penalties and misbehavior out in this one game.  Mission accomplished.

Giants Fans will Always Remind Us Until….

… we win the big one.  I get it, but that doesn’t stop me for criticizing your player and your bad team this year.  If you are a Giants fan reading this, YEAH YEAH YEAH, I KNOW:  We need to win a ring.  I agree, but that’s not going to stop me pointing out the major flaws of your receiver.  I think success clearly has gotten to this young man’s head.  And please don’t come back with “yeah but he has passion”.   Passion didn’t cause him to lose his marbles in Sunday’s game, it’s called immaturity.

I had a great conversation with friends who yes, I associate with Giants fans, and here are some of their responses:

Wow. Considering the fact that your team has about as much chance of making the playoffs as the Giants do, that is some pretty impressive bravado.

1986, 1990, 2007, 2011 will be thrown in your face every time and deservedly so. Beating us in a regular season game doesn’t mean anything to us. And Giants fans will keep laughing no matter what. You won’t have any real bragging rights until you do win a Super Bowl.


Some good points, but again, your team is down, and as a Jets fan (and I don’t speak for all my fellow fans), we have dealt with so much crap from Big Blue.  It doesn’t feel good when your team is down, has injuries and isn’t playing good football, does it?.

A player like Beckham, thinking he is above the game AND a Giants organization who enabled him and let OBJ get away with it drives me crazy.  What happened to the game of football being about the team?  Why does it always have to be about ONE player?  He’s more concerned about the shoes he wears, the covers he makes, the tweets that go viral.

Hey Coughlin, I’m also looking at you.   The integrity of the game should matter more than a W in your column.  You knew the guy was off the handle.  He should have been removed.  You should have removed him after the second penalty.  You saw the meltdown going on but you chose to ignore it because you were worried about fans asking for you head because you potentially remove the best player on your team and in the league (I considered him the best before this game).

What makes it worse is that both you coach and your golden boy blew it off in the post game interviews, like it was healthy competition between two players jawing at each other.   Thank goodness the NFL had the sense to suspend him.

Giant JERK


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