Killing ME Slowly: Why the Jets Torture their Fans

Killing ME Slowly:  Why the Jets Torture their Fans

If you are like me, you probably were having a breakdown during the game last night.  They say good teams find a way to win when the game turns ugly, and boy did we win ugly, but it’s a win and I’ll take it!

I was told to relax during the game, but boy it’s so hard to when it appeared the Jets were digging a hole they seemed like they were not going to get out of.  Was it me, or did that feel like a playoff game?

Here are some of my quick thoughts after the game against the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday night.

Winning Ugly

If the Jets manage to get themselves into the playoffs, I don’t know many teams that would like to face them. The team is red-hot right now.  Great teams find a way to win ugly, and that was as ugly as they come, but I’ll take the W.


Records are Meant to be Broken

Ryan Fitzpatrick has 26 touchdown passes this season. He’s three away from tying Vinny Testeverde from 1998 and  four away from breaking Jets single-season record.  Fitzpatrick is 32 and a journeyman, Testeverde was also a journeyman at 34 and both are considered their best seasons of their career.   Lesson of the day:  Never throw away the baby with the bath water.

Speaking of records, Brandon Marshall has tied a record himself tying Al Toon for most receptions in a season.  For an encore, Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker (1 TD Tonight) set a Jets tandem record for 21 combined scores.

Having Fun

Remember when the Jets were loose and having fun like this?  Think 2009 and 2010.  When Nick Mangold photobombed Fitzpatrick during his post game interview, I’ve NEVER EVER have seen a player react like this.  I know Ryan is a clown and loves to have fun, but this was GREAT.


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