Jets Twit Podcast – Episode 227 – Otis Smith

Jets Twit Podcast – Episode 227 – Otis Smith

Former CB #45 Otis Smith, joins Erik on the Jets Twit Podcast to talk about his New York Jets career, his success throughout his career, advice for Geno Smith about critics, and who he thought was the best WRs he covered.

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Episode 227 - Jets Twit Podcast - Otis Smith - New York Jets



1:34 – Erik asked Otis if Bill Parcells had anything to do with his second stint with the Jets.   What was it like playing for Parcells?

2:54 – Otis explained his discipline on how he approached the game and why he played 14 years in the NFL.

3:55 – Erik wanted to know which players Otis took under his wing and what his style to help his teammates.

5:02 – Erik brought up the struggles Otis had in New York, and asked what advice would he give to a player who comes under scrutiny, like Geno Smith.

8:20 – 180 games played, what’s the name of the game for longevity?

10:44 – EVERYONE is a young guy in the NFL according to Otis, and they think like young kids.

12:03 – Otis doesn’t buy into the fact that Geno didn’t have talent as the reason for his poor play.  There is talent everyone and he explained it with questioning Erik on the Patriots and their WRs and their championships.

14:40 – What was Otis’ best play in the NFL?  It’s not what you think.

15:35 – Otis talks about the toughest guys he played against and covered.

16:35 – Life after Football and coaching.


Otis Smith Fumble - New York Jets

“With the talent in this league, to give up one touchdown? With receivers on the field that move like Jaguars, move like deer? To say going into this season I’m not going to give up any more than one touchdown? No way. No way.  We’ve got a corner right over here [Glenn] that’s one of the best in the league and he gave up a couple touchdowns.”