Jets Twit Podcast – Episode 226 – Adrian Murrell Interview

Jets Twit Podcast – Episode 226 – Adrian Murrell Interview

Former 5th round 93′ draft pick Jets running back Adrian Murrell joined Jets Twit to talk about his career, The Adrian Murrell Foundation, the state of the current Jets, the Sheldon Richardson troubles and Fireman Ed.

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1:10 – Love what Adrian has been doing on twitter, we discuss why the recent appearance.  This question was asked by long time Jets Twit Follower Big Ed:


2:01 – Who does Adrian interact with on twitter and who does he still keep in touch with from his playing days with the Jets?

3:05 – Going into his junior year, Adrian was thinking about leaving West Virginia if he wasn’t getting the opportunity.  Coach Nealon regretted not red shirting him.

4:15 – Adrian talks about the process of being drafted.

5:14 – Adrian addressed the early years when he first started with the Jets.  He was behind a number of backs, suffered a set back, and gave this advice about opportunity.

7:00 – How difficult was it to have a rotating head coaching carousal.  Adrian talks about what coach had his back and had the most influence on his career.

10:40 – If Adrian was a running back today, how would he fair?

13:19 – Opinion of Today’s Jets, Is he a Jets fan?  What veteran player’s  son was memorized by Adrian, but Murrell was trying to tell this youngster that his Father was a big deal.

14:50 – Sheldon Richardson’s Troubles

22:20 – Will Adrian be up for games in 2015?  Will he be making an appearance at #L7?

23:19 – Fireman Ed and the Jets Chant