Is Bowles Going to Bring Back the Captains Patch for the Jets?

Is Bowles Going to Bring Back the Captains Patch for the Jets?

Once a year, at least for the last three, there has been debate about whether the Jets should bring back the Letter C, as in Captain.   Before Rex Ryan, it was common that the Jets named official captains and dubbed the player with the coveted C patch.

Rich Cimini put out a tweet and article that stirred me up on the topic once again.

“I haven’t made a decision on that one yet,” he said Monday in a phone interview. “I probably will in about a week. I’ll get a better feel as camp goes on.”

Better feel as camp goes on?  I guess Todd wants to see the chemistry in the first few days and to see if the team is gelling or if they need to have an inside man to make sure things stay in line.  It’s common that veteran leadership wear the patch.  You want someone in there that the players respect.

Personally, I think Bowles knows what he is going to do, but isn’t ready to tell the media.  My opinion is it’s going to happen, and who do I think is worthy?   Mangold, Revis, Wilkerson and Harris.   Of course Fegurson is deserving as is Davis, in my opinion, but what happens if Bowles makes a player a captain motivate him to play above his past ability.  Geno Smith anyone?  The Jets did it with Mark Sanchez, and I’m positive no one thought he was a lock to get the C.

Remember when Rex Ryan made Santonio Holmes a captain.  Not only was he not worthy of it, he was the reason that it wasn’t used again under the Rex Jets regime.  I wonder what Ryan will do in Buffalo, but hey, that’s not our problem anymore.   Let him name game captains depending on the situation of the opponents, and let the Jets adopt what most EVERY team does in the league, they name a captain for the year.