Erik on MMQB Top 100 of 2015 with Peter King

Erik on MMQB Top 100 of 2015 with Peter King

I made my debut on Sports Illustrated on one of the most popular NFL sites in the world, Monday Morning Quarterback with Peter King.   I was asked to participate in the MMQB Top 100 Most influential people in the NFL countdown and with 98 in the books, I weighed in with the number 2 pick for 2015:  Roger Goodell!

MMQB - Most influential of 2015

Is Roger Goodell Really Worth So Much Money?

Original posted on on 7/16/2015

Some think Roger Goodell has a nice comfortable job given the NFL’s prosperity. In January, it was reported that he had made about $300 million over the previous seven years as commissioner. Remember, he works for the team owners, who dictate his salary and grade his performance. They obviously think he’s doing a great job, because he’s lining their pockets with some serious dough. But with the recent scandals, reports of growing anger amongst players, and the close relationship he has with Robert Kraft, is Goodell really worth so much money?

Goodell isn’t afraid to introduce and try new things, whether it’s protecting the players on the field, reducing the contact they can have at practices during the season, or moving games out of the United States to promote the brand. Despite his good intentions, however, Goddell has come under scrutiny. The booing he received at the NFL draft would lead you to believe that people are ready for a new commissioner. In the court of public opinion, Goodell should have been fired years ago.

Despite being on a mission to “protect the shield,” Goodell has taken shots based on how he handled recent major controversies under his watch. The NFL has made some major headlines for the wrong reasons, such as Spygate, the 2011 lockout, Bountygate, the 2012 referee lockout, brain damage, the Ray Rice domestic violence incident, the Adrian Peterson child abuse charges and Deflategate, just to name a few.

Yes, the NFL is the most popular sport in the United Sates and has a massive following worldwide. Would the NFL continue to have this level of success with a new commissioner at the helm? We might not know for quite some time. As long as Goodell increases the NFL’s popularity, continues to line the pockets of the team owners, he will remain the guy in charge despite the negative opinions of players and fans.

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