Sheldon Richardson Getting Suspended is a Big Deal Despite what Supporters Say

Sheldon Richardson Getting Suspended is a Big Deal Despite what Supporters Say

Ok, here we go.  I had a few hours to cool off.  If you were following me on twitter, yes I was going off on a little (big) rant about finding out that Sheldon Richardson was suspended for the first four games of the 2015 season for violating the NFL Drug policy, specifically, he tested positive for Marijuana use.   This was his second offense.


There is SO much reaction across twitter when the news broke, and there were many fans like me, who were going off on Sheldon for being selfish.  I had some other people tweet me saying I was being harsh because it wasn’t like he killed someone (God forbid), but it was really “no big deal”.  I saw tweets saying that if any one is complaining they were being labeled as being too moral.

I had someone tell me that pot is just a “plant” and to “relax”.   I guess people have forgotten the fact that 1.  it’s a banned substance in the NFL regardless if it is legal in parts of the US.   You get caught with it in your system, you pay the price.  Done.   2.  It IS IN FACT a Drug.   It’s not just a plant.   You get high on this said plant.   I can’t believe I had an argument with someone for more than 5 tweets.  I’ll never get those minutes back.

Someone brought up a statistic that over 60% of NFL players smoke pot.  Um.  So.   I don’t want my players to do it let alone get caught.   Many were ok with him lighting up but said he just got caught and that’s why they were upset.  Look, I’m not perfect, but remember what they teach you in school:  “Say no to drugs”.   It messes with your brain.  I know you are going to tell me that so does alcohol, but last I checked it’s not a banned substance and with anything in this world, with moderation, it’s ok.

Let me now address my big problem with today’s news:

  1. Sheldon is one of the up and coming stars in the NFL.   Well it didn’t take him long as we won ROY.  He’s one of the best players on the Jets, and I’m sure that many of the young players (he’s young himself) look up to the fact that he’s a force to be reckoned with on the field.   He let his teammates down period.  Our line is one of the best in the league, and I’m sure we’ll “be ok” like many people say, but that’s not the point.
  2. We are now forced to start the rookie, Leonard Williams.   I don’t think that any pressure will be put on him as, in my opinion and many others, we stole him with our pick in the draft as he’s the best player in the NFL.   He’ll perform, and he’ll be fine.
  3. If Sheldon’s offense were his first ever, I would be disappointed but I probably wouldn’t be this upset. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still be upset, but not flipping angry like I am now.
  4. Let’s tally up his recent behavior:   He’s been busted for substance abuse before, this is his second offense in his short career.  He skipped some voluntary OTAs but then freaked out on twitter when fans were tweeting that he should have been there with his teammates.  He’s been vocal with Mo’s contract saying that he deserves Suh money, well Sheldon, you definitely swung the momentum to Mo with his contract.
  5. Sheldon does come close to the line with arrogance.  I think that maybe he let things get to his head, that maybe he was untouchable.  Think about it.   He knows he’s good and is not shy telling anyone about it.  He said he was the best player in the NFL Top 100 countdown on NFLN.   I know this is minor, and some will say I’m looking for problems now, but, his twitter handle is @godforshort.  That is a high opinion of ones’ self.  I’ll wait for someone on twitter to call me out about that last point.

So as what usually happens, the player goes online and tweets he’s sorry, and that he’ll support his teammates, and that he’ll never do it again.   Then the coach and organization say they are disappointed and that they’ll welcome him back etc etc etc.

The script played out exactly as it always does, but now we wait.   Will he come back and will it be business as usual (under the Rex era I would say yes), but there are new sheriffs in town with Maccagnan and Bowles.  I say he must prove and earn his way back on the roster.  I know, many of you will say that I’m nuts because this was no big deal and that his talent should override his behavior, but I say no.  I’m sick of certain players putting themselves before the team.  It’s few and far between, but once is too many for me.   Don’t get me started on Holmes.

I’m sick of players messing up knowing that they’ll get slapped on the wrist and they’ll go back to business as usual.  The fact is, Sheldon put the Jets in the news today and it was utterly embarrassing, disappointing and selfish.  I truly hate this time of year when the players have six weeks to themselves.   This is the time when players get in trouble.  Oh, Sheldon was one of four players to get nabbed today.

So do I wish Sheldon to be traded?  No.   Will I look at him differently now?  Yes.   I’ll always will be waiting for that next thing and boy do I hope Sheldon proves me and all the Jets fans wrong.

  • sb3champs

    I disagree. We can’t pay them all. I say pay MO and trade Sheldon after the upcoming season for a Kings Ransom. Why wait until his contract is expired and he can walk free? We must get big value in return for hom but he is NOT a team player and Mo is. Sheldon disses fans in print and is just too arrogant to be a Jet much longer!

  • Sherb

    As usual I agree with you Eric. Im glad its only pot but as I said I expected better from this boy. At the end of the day there are thousands of kids that would give there right arm to be in his job earning that sort of money and respect from a job well done. So yeah there is a time and a place and its not allowed when you are a NFL player at all not even if you are a star player.

    I love the guy but he now has to earn it all over again.