My Little Run In with a Giants Fan Today

My Little Run In with a Giants Fan Today

So here is a quick story of a run-in with a Giants fan I had this morning.   On my way to my car from the super market in Pennsylvania, I saw a BMW with NJ Plates and a Giants decal next to my car.  Of course I’m all loaded up with Jets, and when the person got our of her car, we both kind of recognized at the same time we were opposing fans.

We both scoffed at each other at the same time.   I then stopped and said, “GIANTS, come on now?”.  She told me oh yeah, I live near Giants Stadium.   GIANTS STADIUM?   I said oh, you live next to a parking lot.   I reminded her that it’s MetLife Stadium and she said nah, it will always be Giants Stadium to Giants fans.   You still are the second tenant there she told me.

She continued the conversation with “I feel bad for you… The Jets are trash.”   I was like, come one now, we improved our roster and we got rid of Rex, the man who makes opposing fans’ hate us just a little more.

She said she wasn’t talking about the team, but the fans.   I was like, whoa, you are calling me trash?   She went on to say that we are rowdy and it’s a different experience than going to a Giants game.   My rebuttal was, look I agree that some fans could be out of hand and drunk.   Look at what they did to Fireman Ed, one of the most dedicated fans!   He ended up putting the helmet down to stop the abuse (although I think he’s making a comeback).   However; to throw a trash label on all Jets fans!  Ignorant.

I then hammered home that Jets fans are WAY MORE passionate than Giants fans, starting from the tailgate all the way to the final minute.   I finally asked one final question:   “Do you drink wine and eat cheese at the tailgates”, to which she replied, yes why?

I didn’t answer.   The moment didn’t need an answer.   I smiled, told her to have a nice day and got into my car.

So does this happen to you?   Do Giants fans think they are high and mighty and look down on your allegiance to the Jets?   Personally, I could care less what they think, but I get a big kick of having these conversations.   I guess I’m looking to find that one Giants fan who actually respects the fact that I’m a Jets fan.

I haven’t found one yet, but when I do, I’ll let you know!

  • Duncan Idaho

    I’m bleeding blue, but I’ll NEVER look down on other football-fans. (except eagles-ones ;-) ) One of my best friends is loving the Jets and we’re bounded by the the love to NYC and we’re proud to have TWO Football Teams. BTW: I’m drinking Beer and eat meat at tailgating… …wine??? brrrr

    Greetz from Tenerife (Canary Islands)
    a German diehard New York Giants Fan