Why are Some Fans Really Excited about the Kelly Green Jets Uniforms?

Why are Some Fans Really Excited about the Kelly Green Jets Uniforms?
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This is one fans’ remix or idea to bring in the old with some subtle changes.

As a kid, I grew up in the 80′s – 90′s Kelly Green era as a Jets fan.   I loved the Jets logo and remember drawing it everywhere, mostly on my school books.  When the mid-90′s arrived and Bill Parcells taking over as coach, in his second year, the coach wanted to change the attitude of the team.   He did it with his style of coaching but in addition, I remember him saying that a culture change needed to take place and he targeted the Jets uniform.

Bill said going back to tradition, with some modifications, is what the team needed and it worked to an extent.   We were winning and in 98′ made it to the AFC Championship.

Years later, we are still going with the old-new look.   Is it time for a culture change regarding the uniforms?

What is it About the Kelly Green that Makes Jets Fans go Nuts?

When I check out reactions on twitter to me hinting at the Kelly Green, fans go crazy.  But why?   Do we like to go back to the past?   Well in this case, it can’t be because of what the Jets did on the field on a consistent level.   Fashion wise, I was getting sick of the logo and Kelly Green.

Have you been following Coach Todd Bowles?  He’s been wearing a ton of the old logo hats and I’ve spotted some Kelly Green attire.   Is this a precursor to what is to come?   Do the Jets test the market by inserting little hints like this to get to see what the mindset of the jets fans are thinking?   I don’t know, but when I saw that hat, I was on a mission to go buy it, and I finally had someone send me a link to a store.  (Thanks Fans, you are always come through for me in that department).

The Old is the New?

When Parcells changed, I remember being excited and so was the fan base.   Was it for the new apparel or were we bought in with the idea that the players would play better.   I’m not so sure of the latter.

They always say old fashions come back, long hair, side burns, bell bottoms, kelly green jerseys?

So what do you think?   Should we bring them back for when teams wear their nostalgic uniforms once or twice a year, or should it be a permanent fix?  Oh and the Old Titans uniforms.   Please, never again.

  • Matthew Chidester

    Just wanted to say… I toooooooooooootally agree with you.. bring back the 90′s uniforms!