4 Jets Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

4 Jets Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

Are you on Instagram?    Chances are you have an account but do you follow these popular Jets Instagram accounts?   These are my favorites and I don’t miss a post.   You will get a great variety from some very very talented artists.

If you see that I missed an account that you love or I must include on this list, hit me up in the comments.

NYJets on Instagram


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The official New York Jets Instagram account, you follow because well, it’s the official account.   Chances are you have this one on your list already, but just in case, you get access of course to photos no one else has.

NYJetsFansOnly on Instagram

A fan account, there are many contributes which means you are going to constantly be getting updates.   You get a combination of Jets news, cool edits, and cool designs for t-shirts.

NYJetsEdits On Instagram

Bilal Powell Big Head/ Bobblehead Design!

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One of my personal favorites on Instagram, I’m not sure if it is one artist or a multitude, but this person is very talented.   They have cool series like the multiple jerseys on one pic, bobble head, and much more.

NYJETSEDITS on Instagram
ZeusArts on Instagram

A talented artist, he uses his Instagram account to showcase his paintings, t-shirt designs and graphic edits of Jets players.   It’s not dedicated to Football but that’s ok.   When you see a Jets post, you will be amazed.

Zeusarts on Instagram