Jets Twit Mail Bag: What Happens if BOTH QBs Fail?

Jets Twit Mail Bag:   What Happens if BOTH QBs Fail?

Welcome to the first edition of the Jets Twit mail bag.  I like this type of post where I get to answer your questions, and I thank you if you submitted a question.

There were many great questions, and I obviously can’t use them all, but keep trying, if the question is unique, I’ll answer your question!

If Smith and Fitzpatrick BOTH fail, we are in big trouble.   I don’t think the Jets will go after any other QB that’s out there now unless 1.   A really great trade presents itself, or 2.  Smith an Fitz get injured and placed on the IR.   They are all in with Smith and this is his year he needs to show he can be a starter in the NFL.    If he fails and they will put Fitzpatrick in and I expect Ryan to do well.   Remember, he had some of his best years with Chan Gailey as his offensive coordinator with the Bills.  I don’t expect him to beat out Smith in training camp, but never say never.

I wouldn’t keep more than three quarterbacks on the roster and unless one of those guys put on the IR, you need to go with the one that is not hurt and ride him out the full season.   You can’t expose Bryce Petty on the practice squad so he must make the 53 man roster.   Oh, and NO you don’t start Bryce Petty this year.   He’s not ready, and we need to stop the trend of throwing a rookie into the starting lineup.


Roscoe Parrish really wasn’t featured on offense.  Most of his production came from being a punt returner in his short career.   Chan Gailey featured Roscoe as the fourth receiver.  Now with the Jets drafting Devin Smith, trading for Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker the 2nd option, it does mean that Kerley won’t be seeing as many looks as he had in the past.

He’s a talented player, but all three WR’s are better with either speed, size or route running.  I do think you will see a major decline in his production because there aren’t enough balls to go around.

I think Mo Wilkerson or Sheldon Richardson both have a chance to break out this year with either of them getting 12-15 sacks.  I can go with either one of them.  With so much depth and talent on the line, Bowles will be throwing so much at offenses and with the secondary now a strength, opposing quarterbacks won’t have the luxury of having guys open like they did last year which could lead to more coverage sacks.