Should Antonio Cromartie bring it Down about 31 Notches?

Should Antonio Cromartie bring it Down about 31 Notches?

Antonio Cromartie is on Fire.  I’m not talking about his play on the field, I’m talking about the corner back’s mouth.  I know in his first stint with the Jets, shooting his mouth on twitter is nothing new, but the incidents were far and few between.  (Back in 2012, here is the incident that caused him to leave twitter for a bit, at least with the Jets).

This week, Cro had a comment for Seattle Seahawks Sherman, and the CB followed back with a tasty twitter response.   Wednesday, the former washout TE Kellen Winslow used twitter to call Cromartie a Poser, and of course in “Cro” fashion, he landed ONE KNOCKOUT BLOW.   TARGET.

Winslow at Jets West

So it seems that there is some leftover from the Rex Ryan Brashness regime.  If you have been following Coach Bowles press conferences, he’s the polar opposite of Rex.   I would call him the Anti-Rex.

Earlier last week, OL Willie Colon was harsh on QB Geno Smith, and Bowles wasn’t too pleased.   He basically is not trying to shut them down with their opinions, he’s just asking them to think before you speak, be positive, and if you speak out of line, you will hear from me.

I like it.

So, should Antonio Cromartie shut his mouth?  Do you think it causes the Jets to have some grief, or let Cro talk off and hopefully on the field.   Me?   Maybe he should tone it down a bit.