Mo Wilkerson is in the House; I respond to Media Tweets

Mo Wilkerson is in the House; I respond to Media Tweets

Last night we found out that Sheldon Richardson said that Big Mo Wilkerson will be a the Jets facility today for the start of a three day mini-camp.  Well, he was a man of his word.

The media got to meet with Wilkerson at his locker today, and although Mo said he has been disappointed with the snails pace of getting a new contract, he showed up.

I hope this is true and let’s be honest, contract hold outs are part of the business but suck.  It would be great if the Jets and Mo can finalize a long-term deal before the season, but if not, Mo says he’ll play out his contract.

No, Mo didn’t answer the question and chalk it up to playing the game.  Wilkerson isn’t going to show his hand, but if I’m a betting man, don’t worry, he’ll be at training camp.  His agent probably told him not to answer any questions on future camp appearances.

I wonder if Mo has his “being a good teammate hat” on when he answered this question.  I know deep down he was probably shocked when the Jets drafted Williams with their first pick.   Then all the rumors started that if the Jets do not sign Mo to a long term deal, hey they drafted his replacement.

If the Jets, no scratch that, when the Jets sign Mo to a new long term contract, I don’t like naming defenses before they hit the field, but can we say “Sack Exchange 2.0″.  In all honestly, they need their own name and NO Manish, it can’t be The Gang Green People Eaters.  Yuck.

This one is interesting, and look, I’m not usually a conspiracy theorist here, but hear me out:   Friday and the bowling event Mo said he was recovered from the toe injury.  Today he says it’s lingering.

Let’s flash back to when Darrelle Revis held out.  He attended Mini-camp without his new contract and rumors that he may hold out, but during the practice he had that phantom hamstring pull.   I remember, I was actually on the sideline a few feet away from when it happened.

Did Revis REALLY get injured, and does Mo’s toe have lingering problems?  I don’t know the answer, but it seems very coincidental so take it for what it’s worth:   A comment from a blogger.  ;)