Are Jets HC Bowles and OC Gailey on the Same Page?

Are Jets HC Bowles and OC Gailey on the Same Page?

Last week  some Jets fans were in a tizzy when we heard OC Chan Gailey claim that there won’t be an open competition for the starting QB position.

On Wednesday, HC Todd Bowles cleared the air and said, come training camp, the job is Geno Smith’s to lose but make no mistake, the best guy for the job will start.

So are Gailey and Bowles on the same page?

Some media pundits will have you believe this is a big deal that they said the polar opposite when asked basically the same question on different days.  The OC should know and have the same agenda going into a new season but here are some of the reasons why I think this is being blown out of proportion:

  • Chan Gailey has a type A personality and you can tell that after being asked the same question during his presser about the QB position 10 different ways, he may have answered it 10 different ways.
  • Todd Bowles is the complete opposite with demeanor from Chan and let’s say even Rex Ryan.  Todd gives you the answer straight up.  There is no hidden message.
  • Todd answering the way he did makes it appear he was slapping Chan on the hands for misspeaking, but I don’t view it that way.  Chan learned the a hard lesson (and it was his first appearance with the NY Media) that you need to handle them a certain way.  You can use comedy and be a clown (see Rex), you can intimidate and make them afraid of you(see Parcells), or you can give no bull (see Mangini, Herm, and now Bowles).

Do I believe there is a communication problem between the HC and OC?  The answer is NO.  This was an example of a press conference by Gailey being boxed in and not knowing how to answer.

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