Revis going to the White House for SB Celebration is no Big Deal

Revis going to the White House for SB Celebration is no Big Deal

My Thoughts

This happens all the time, a player winning a Super Bowl ring and moving on to a new team the following year.  Is this a big deal?  No.   Is it a big deal for Darrelle Revis, currently a New York Jet going back to it’s most hated rival the Patriots, No, but the media will make it one.

Stevan Ridley is a former Patriot who won a ring and there is not word if he’s going to attend the ceremony, but mark my words, there will be nothing said about it.   Why?  The caliber of player is not the same of super star Revis, plus Darrelle has a history with both teams.

When he was with the Jets, he called Bill Belichick an Idiot.   They became best buds, at least from the photo’s taken of the two together, and I’m sure Revis will be civil when he’s on the front stoop.

I would love for him to put in a nice little inconspicuous dig about his new situation.  If he could somehow rub it in their faces that he’s a Jet now, I would love that.

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