New RB Stevan Ridley is All In with Jets Tattoo

New RB Stevan Ridley is All In with Jets Tattoo

My Thoughts

I saw a lot of tweets making fun of Ridley because he signed only a one year contract and inked a large old school Jets logo on his forearm.  I look at it this way, even if he was only here a day like Drew Stanton was in 2012 (when the Jets moved him quickly for Tebow), he’s still a Jet.

A tattoo tells a story and his canvas is telling a history that Stevan was/is a New York Jet.  Hopefully he is for more than one year, but people LOVE to make fun of the Jets.  Go for it beat writers.  It’s what you do.

@ceauxartwork - #longliveKiDRiD

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