I’m Giving Away 2 Season Tickets to Support This Jets Fan #TeamLouie

I’m Giving Away 2 Season Tickets to Support This Jets Fan #TeamLouie

This is one amazing story about a fellow Jets fan who refused to never give up when he literary lost his life three times, was paralyzed, and made a recovery to be with his wife and three kids.  Kristian Dyer has the best article on Louie’s story.

Louie Gonzalez Lugo is on a mission to prove the doctors wrong, that he will never live a normal life again.  He already has proven them wrong by being able to walk again, play football with his children and now the next step:   Watch a live Jets game with his family.  He’s almost there to accomplish this last step.

Here is where you come in to help!


You Find a Way to the game and ….


Linebacker Demario Davis heard Louie’s story and offered his family free tickets, he just needs to figure out how to get to Metlife stadium.  Here’s the rub, he lives in Florida.

A fund raising site was created and last I checked, in 5 days, 42 people gave over 2k of the 6k goal to send Louie and his family to a game this season.

When I first heard about Louie’s story, I couldn’t help but think of the trials and tribulations of one Dennis Byrd.  Jets fans will remember the defensive end who was paralyzed from the neck down after taking a brutal hit during a Jets game in the early 90′s.

I personally donated to Louie’s cause, but I feel like I can do more, so here is where you come in to help me.


I’m giving away a chance to win (2) two of my season tickets to one game for the 2015 Jets Season!

(Game to be determined and probably will be the same one Louie is going to, so you can meet him at the L7 Tailgate).

Here are the rules:

  1. Go to the donation site and donate.
  2. For every $10.00 you give, you will get (1) chance to win.  For example, donate $50.00 and you get your name put in a hat 5 times.
  3. Important:  In the comments section, you must place the tag #JetsTwit – This will be the only way that I know you donated and are part of my giveaway.
  4. You must sign up for my Jets Twit VIP Email.  This will be the only way for me to contact you if you won the tickets.

That’s it!  I’m only giving away the tickets if we meet the goal of 6k.  If we fail to get Louie to NY, I’ll be holding on to the tickets.   I’m positive this won’t be the case because Jets fans are the best.  We just have to get the word out!

Disclaimer:  Failure to complete all four steps makes you ineligible to win my tickets.  I’ll be selecting the winner by random from the chances tagged and dollar amounts on the GoFund Louie site.   The winner will be announced on this blog and contacted by the email address given when they signed up for step 4.


Louie’s Story

There are a lot of great stories out there that explain what happen to Louie.  Instead of rehashing his story, I’ll send you to the best:

Who is Supporting Louie to NYC?

  • LB Demario Davis, who got the ball rolling by offering free tickets.
  • 42 Jets fans raising $2000 as of 6:00pm on 4/5/2015.
  • If and when more players or influential people donate, we’ll add them to this list.
  • Fireman Ed called up Louie on Easter and did a Jets chant with his kids.
  • Eric W.

    Miami is in our division. Why not go to a live Jets game in Florida? Unless going to Metlife Stadium is part of the dream, but I didn’t see that mentioned.

  • Lenny Quiles


  • Tom

    So…who is the lucky winner of those tickets?