Former Jet Santonio Holmes is Baffled He’s Jobless

Former Jet Santonio Holmes is Baffled He’s Jobless

Former Jets WR, Santonio Holmes says he is baffled no team has picked him up yet.  The problems he had with the Jets are well chronicled, but if I had to sum it up:  Locker room headache.


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“It baffles me a little, to know that I’m not a part of any organization. It’s a gift and a curse at the same time. I say that because the gift of playing, an opportunity to be a figure in the National Football League, I enjoyed my time.

And the curse of having one injury in my entire career, that people are now looking at me as if Santonio Holmes is not the guy anymore. I think the opportunity just has to come, in a better situation for me. We will see.”


Everyone Knows Holmes was my “Boy”… Ok you get the point and if you know me and follow my blog, you know that’s not true.

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