Let Dee Milliner Learn behind the Best, Unless…..

Let Dee Milliner Learn behind the Best, Unless…..

The Daily News has learned that teams have made trade inquiries about the New York Jets’ 2013 first-round pick, Dee Milliner, in the wake of the CB upgrades,” reported the New York Daily News.

Milliner is coming off an Achilles heal injury and I’ve heard some Jets fans murmur “bust”, but I’m not even close to be calling him that yet.  He’s on his rookie contract, the teams inquiring will want him for next to nothing and it makes no sense for the Jets to trade him UNLESS he’s part of a package (draft picks etc) for s a stud QB.

Per NJ.com:  Why it wouldn’t make sense for the Jets to trade cornerback Dee Milliner

First off, the Jets don’t need to trade Milliner. He has a $3.453 million salary cap hit this season, but he would count $3.794 million against the Jets’ cap in dead money if they traded him. Rookie contracts are relatively affordable now, so it doesn’t make sense to give up on a first-round pick before you absolutely have to.

The Jets also have the salary cap space to accommodate Milliner. Overthecap.com estimates the Jets’ cap space at $19.66 million, though that doesn’t include recent contracts for Cromartie and and safety Marcus Gilchrist. (Cromartie will reportedly get $7 million in Year 1 of his contract, so the Jets’ cap space is now about $12 million.)

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