Revis Still the Patriots Alternate Union Representative

Revis Still the Patriots Alternate Union Representative

The 70 Million Dollar Man, Darrelle Revis posted a picture of Maui, and saying goodbye to the island he probably will own some day. Was he on vacation?  Maybe, but the NFLPA was holding elections and running for NFLPA Executive Director was Sean Gilbert, Revis’ cousin (you know, the one that has been advising him during all his off-season moves his entire career = $$$$$$$$$$).

Oh and did you know Revis is STILL the Patriots Alternative Union Rep.  I wonder how much his salary is for that job?

Maui you will be missed. #hawaii #funinthesun

A photo posted by @revisislandtwo4 on

Needless to say, Gilbert was not elected the executive director.

Revis and Cro

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