Fireman Ed Humbled by Fan Gesture

Fireman Ed Humbled by Fan Gesture

Fireman Ed has been the recent talk amongst fans on message boards, Facebook and Twitter.  Has the former Jets Chant leader announced his return?  Hardly.  With the return of beloved CB Darrelle Revis, and his partner in crime, Antonio Cromarite, I think Jets fans were expecting a full reunion.

Even a site dedicated to petitioning his return, located at “” was created from the creators of ““.  Kristian Dyer wrote an article cover their initiative, but the gesture I speak of that has left Ed Anzalone HUMBLED was from a french Canadian Jets Fan, Julien Bianchi.

Fireman Ed Tattoo
Ed's Text Message

This super fan sent me a picture of his Fireman Ed Tattooed on his left forearm.

I like to think I’m a super fan of  my beloved New York Jets until I saw the tattoos of the face of the franchise (Revis), the retired face of the chant leader (Fireman Ed) and the beautiful face of a Flight Crew Cheerleader (Nicole).

We know at least that Ed is humbled by the gesture.  I wonder how Nicole and Revis feel?

I sent Fireman Ed the Tattoo and with his permission, here is his response:

Face only a mother could love…. Humbled
  • scott

    fireman ed who? real dedication there. how do you quit on your team?

    • Paul Newbold

      Ed is a class guy, I’ve met him several times over the years. He didn’t quit on anything. Fans, ignorant ones, pelted the man with beer and harassed him for wearing a Sanchez jersey! They abused the guy to the point he was done! Fans drove him out of the stadium, and he’s refused to return, I don’t blame him in the least! Dedication? The man led that chant for years! No compensation from the Jets, on his own because he loved the team! Know your facts before you attack Ed!

      • Bill Barbee

        Bravo. Never met the guy yet he has all my respect and more.

  • jetfanfolife

    Screw ed …. He had to pay a psl and decided to bolt instead

    • Paul Newbold

      Moron, he paid the PSL, just like everyone else that owns a seat in that cesspool of a stadium. Fans, ignorant ones, like yourself attacked ED for wearing a Sanchez jersey and leading the cheer he led for many many years. Know the facts before opening your mouth! Ed is a class guy, nicest guy you’d ever want to meet. Fans drove him from his seat, not the PSL’s!