Episode 222: The Prodigal Son Returns

Episode 222:  The Prodigal Son Returns

Episode 222 was recorded on Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 12:00pm.  Hosts: Erik Manassy (@e_man) & Lon Siegel (@JetsZoneRadio)

Opening and closing show credit goes to Fighting Zero.

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Tuesday was a crazy day for the NFL as the new season officially started and with the start of free agency, players were moving around the league in a frantic pace.

Erik and Lon break down the Jets moves thus far, and give their updated prediction with what the Jets will do with the 6th overall pick for the 2015 NFL Draft.

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Revis is Back

Mo Wilkerson’s Contract

  • Erik shares quick thoughts on why fans shouldn’t panic that the Jets haven’t redone big Mo’s contract.

A Suprise DM from a Jets Player

  • I put out a tweet today abut Fireman Ed, and Ray Mickens Dm’ed me to give him a message as well as Tory Woodbury.

Reaction to the Other Moves and Topics

  • How will Brandon Marshall be a different kind of WR from his predecessor Harvin.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick will not be the starter for the 2015 New York Jets.  Do you agree?
  • Erik and Lon go back to the 90′s and talk about the horror of the Fake Spike against the Miami Dolphins.
  • Foot Race for the #15.
  • Who in the AFC East has the best off season in this short new season thus far?
  • We talk the #6 draft pick.  Has anything changed?